Maddy the Model (2020)

  • 1h 33m
  • Jane Magnusson
  • engelske undertekster

Verdens første supermodel med Downs syndrom udfordrer normerne for skønhed og inklusion i en ellers lukket verden.

Australske Maddy Stuart har gået catwalk til New York Fashion Week, været på forsiderne af internationale modemagasiner og har mere end 700.000 følgere på Facebook. Men tilværelsen er ikke ligetil, for Maddy kæmper hver dag sine egne kampe. Hun er verdens første professionelle supermodel med Downs syndrom. En ung pige, der med sin mor som evig støtte udfordrer normerne for skønhed, mens hun verden rundt sparker dørene ind for mennesker med handicap. Men kan Maddys karriere rent faktisk sikre større diversitet og rummelighed inden for branchen - eller er hun blot modeverdenens seneste trend?

The world’s first supermodel with Downs Syndrome challenges the norms of beauty and inclusion in an otherwise closed world.

The Australian model Maddy Stuart has walked the catwalk at New York Fashion Week, been on the cover of international fashion magazines, and has more than 700,000 followers on Facebook. But life is not straightforward, as Maddy has to fight her own battles every day. She is the first professional supermodel with Downs Syndrome. Accompanied by her ever-supporting mother, Maddy challenges the norms of beauty as she breaks down barriers all over the world for people with disabilities. But does Maddy’s career actually ensure greater diversity and inclusion within an industry and a fashion world that runs on ever-changing trends? Swedish documentary veteran Jane Magnusson observes from the wings of the world’s most fashionable events and from the heart of the family, as Maddy makes her moves through the wide world. An unusual coming-of-age story with a just as unusual leading lady with the courage to stand up and stand out.


Jane Magnusson


Cecilia Nessen